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Our Services

As a unit under a renowned Orthopaedic and Spine surgeon, the clinic at Hope Life Care specializes in delivering a wide range of procedures. A lot of the techniques used are exclusively formulated after years of research and experience.
Here is an overview of the services offered.

A modified approach to HTO has been devised to fix knees which significantly reduces the rehabilitation period with little to no chances of minor complications. A lot of patients who were previously adviced TKR have benefitted from this approach. For the more complex cases, zero error TKR is also done.

(Click here to read more about Modified HTO)


Spine Solutions

Disc prolapse is treated using microdisectomy technique to make the rehabilitation period minimal. ISSD technique, which has a very high success rate, is adopted to treat degenerative LCS. All kinds of spinal deformities are also corrected using latest technologies.

Elbow Solutions

Intra-articular fractures are managed to provide better joint movement. Procedures to treat neglected dislocations and fractures have been performed with a tremendous success rate. Advanced treatment of the stiff elbow and deformities also takes place.

body-2703408_1920 -elbow.jpg

Hip Solutions

Total Hip Replacement is done both with and without cement and with the advanced 'double bearing' technique as well. AVN Hip preserving and replacement procedures also take place, along with correction of all kinds of hip deformities.

Trauma Solutions

Fractures are fixed using minimally invasive MISS techniques such a bridge plating, locked plating, etc. Top-of-the-line procedures are done to ensure speedy fracture union and even faster restoration of mobility to the injured joint.

Pressure point massage 2

Please get in touch to discuss the viability of these procedures for your case.

Ortho and Spine Solutions: Our Services
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