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At HLC Hospital, our commitment to excellence is not just a motto; it's a way of life. With over a decade of dedicated service, we have become a beacon of hope and healing in our community. Our reputation speaks volumes, echoed in the heartfelt feedback from over 10,000 patients who have entrusted us with their surgical care.

Issue: gap between knee Joints

SB SIngh.jpg

S.B. Singh, 69
Couldn't walk more than 200 m for over 4 years

I was using painkillers, gel and excercises before consulting Dr Swarup. After the surgery, I can now walk upto 2 km without any support. Recovery period was around 2 months.

Issue: B/L knee osteoarthritis

Uma Rajput.jpg

Uma Rajput, 52
Pain in both knees for over 5 years

I was on painkillers for 5.5 years before I consulted Dr Swarup. Post surgery I recovered quickly and am off any meds now. My sincere gratitude to him for fulfilling my dream of walking painlessly again.

Issue: B/L knee osteoarthritis

Mala Saxena.jpg

Mala Saxena, 55
Knee pain for 5 years

I was prescribed pain killers for years before Dr Swarup operated using his HTO technique. I was discharged within 4 days of surgery and have now lived 9 years without any problem.

Issue: Gap between knee joints

Radha Devi.jpg

Radha Devi, 53
Severe pain in knees

I previously consulted various doctors at hospitals like Medanta, Gurgaon. Dr. Swarup diagnosed gap between knee joints and corrected it using his own treatment of plate fixation. Recovery was approximately 2 months.

Issue: Ligament tear in Right knee


Rohit Singh, 29
Symptoms present for 2 years before treatment

The treatment involved a short period of bed rest and some excercises. I thought my knee would never be fine again, but within 4 months of the operation I started feeling normal and its all thank to Dr Swarup.

Issue: Sciatica


Atul Jaiswal, 55
Couldn't walk more than 100m, severe back pain

Was diagnosed and treated for Degenerative Lumber Canal Stenosis. Recovery period was one week and can now walk without any pain or support.

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